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Social Science Resource Guide for Archaeology

The science of archaeology is essential to understanding the past. Without understanding the past, it is difficult to understand the present. Archaeology is the science of examining human history and prehistory by unearthing and studying artifacts, the material remains of civilizations before our own. Archaeology is the foundation on which current knowledge is built. History, sciences, philosophy, literature, languages, and math are all dependent on the science of archaeology. For those interested in archaeology, either as a career or just out of curiosity, the Internet offers many valuable resources.

Caddo Pottery: Insight Into a People

The Sam Noble Museum at the University of Oklahoma features an archaeology section that includes information about the Caddo, a Native American group known for their exquisite pottery.

2,600 Years of History in One Object

The director of the British Museum discusses the Cyrus Cylinder, a Middle Eastern artifact with a rich history, in this TED talk.

Underwater Archaeology: Sites From the French and Indian War

This Museum of Underwater Archaeology exhibit focuses on ships that sank in New York during the French and Indian War.

Archaeology Maps and Timelines

These interactive maps and timeline are part of an online class in archaeology at the University of Texas. Clicking anywhere on the timeline shows activity during that time.

Ice Patch Archeology and Paleoecology in Glacier National Park

The National Park Service Archaeology Program oversees many archaeological sites in national parks, including excavations of ice patches that hold frozen artifacts.

American Anthropological Association

The field of anthropology covers a variety of disciplines, including archaeological anthropology, and the AAA is a useful resource for these researchers to grow and share their knowledge.

Archaeological Institute of America

The nonprofit Archaeological Institute of America is the largest and oldest archeological organization in North America.

Society for American Archaeology

The SAA focuses on promoting awareness of and protection of the cultural and archaeological heritage of the Americas.

Society for Industrial Archaeology

Not all archaeology focuses on ancient history. The SIA works to promote the study of historical sites and artifacts from the industrial age.

Ancient Humans Left Africa to Escape Drying Climate

This University of Arizona study examines the migration of humans out of Africa 60,000 years ago and shows that the climate there may have been much more hospitable before this migration.

How Aerial Thermal Imagery Is Revolutionizing Archaeology

Technological advances are helping archaeologists to map out sites and find buried architectural elements.

Archaeology: The Milk Revolution

Research into the history of cheese-making and genetics has shed light on humans’ ability to drink milk and how it influenced the development of civilizations.

How to Become a Space Archaeologist

National Geographic reports on a crowdsourcing tool that lets anyone help archaeologists to spot promising sites to excavate.

The Languages of Britain

A British archaeologist provides a video and articles on the topic of his research into the history of the English language, which has found that the language might be much, much older than previously believed.

Why Don’t We Call Them Cro-Magnon Anymore?

What we think we know about human history is always changing as more evidence is uncovered to prove or disprove theories.

American Museum of Natural History: Recommendations for Artifact Care

Many artifacts discovered by archaeologists are quite fragile, so it’s important that great care is taken not to damage them.

Ancient Flightless Birds From Australia, Europe, North America Found to Be Related

Researchers studying ancient birds have determined that large, flightless birds on three continents are related, likely evolving from a common ancestor that could fly, according to this article.

Ancient Indian Manuscript Contains Oldest Example of Zero

This Sci-News report discusses the age of the Bakhshali manuscript and its significance in mathematical history.

Clues of Maya Collapse

The magazine Current World Archaeology looks at research on the two collapses of Maya civilizations.

This website has a variety of useful resources for aspiring archaeologists, including discussion forums and job postings.

Excavating Human Remains

The BBC examines archaeological techniques including the excavation and examination of human bones.

Passport in Time

Passport in Time is a program of the U.S. Forest Service that allows volunteers opportunities to work in the national forests. These volunteering adventures involve archaeology.

Archaeologists Find Likely Tomb of St. Nicholas

Turkish researchers have uncovered a temple and burial ground that are likely to be the place where St. Nicholas was buried.

Archaeology From Reel to Real

The National Science Foundation looks at the Indiana Jones archaeological adventure films and how they compare to the work of real researchers.

Archaeology Job Profile

Learn more about the details of becoming an archaeologist, including the types of positions available, average salaries, and what these jobs are like, on this page.

Egyptologists Study 3,000-Year-Old Prosthesis

A Popular Archaeology article examines an artificial big toe found at a burial site near Luxor, Egypt.

Modern Humans and Neanderthals May Be More Similar Than We Imagined

The Smithsonian is a reliable resource for a wide range of scientific knowledge, including this article that looks at how young Neanderthals grew.

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