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Articles about the Social Work field

The Link Between Mental Illness And Homelessness

On any single night in the United States, up to 600,000 people sleep on sidewalks, under bridges, in the woods, or in emergency shelters.


    Social Work and the Juvenile Justice System

    Today, the United States has a separate legal system in place for juveniles. And the juvenile justice system works hand in hand with social workers for the welfare and rehabilitation of young people.


      Researchers Tackle Rape Kit Backlog, Gain Insights

      In addition to analyzing backlogged sexual assault evidence kits in Cuyahoga County, the Mandel School is also participating in a historic Department of Justice (DOJ) National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI). Research has already revealed a wealth of information and is expected to help to put criminals behind bars for crimes ranging back 20 years or more.


        Social Work And The Digital Natives Of Generation Z

        The oldest members of Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2012, are reaching adulthood, making them the first adults to grow up natively fluent in digital technologies and social media.


          Graduate Spotlight: Brenda Ray – Putting Mentors in the Driver’s Seat

          When Brenda Ray learned Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana was overlooking volunteer mentors because they didn’t have Indiana driver’s licenses, she went on a one-woman mission to change the years-old policy and open the doors to help at-risk children.


            Graduate Spotlight: Pamela’s Story

            For Pamela Piero, MSSA, a career in social work seemed to be her destiny. Growing up in northeast Ohio with many adopted cousins, nieces, and nephews, she also watched as her next-door neighbor fostered babies until they were adopted into loving homes.


              The Increase Of Mental Health Issues And How Social Workers Can Help

              The mental health community has seen a marked increase in the number of mental health diagnoses in recent years, especially among children and young adults. The types of disorders being seen more frequently are depressive disorders, bipolar disorders, autism, and obsessive-compulsive disorders.


                Becoming A Social Work Leader

                As a leader in the field of social work and an acclaimed Case Western Reserve University professor, [Grace Longwell] Coyle’s concepts in 1930 shaped the focus of modern social work by developing a scientific approach to organized group work


                  Social Work on a Global Scale

                  Does the role of a social worker change when the work moves overseas? Take some time to understand the unique challenges and demands of a global change agent.


                    Protect Our Kids Act: An Update

                    Social workers have a key role in implementing the Protect Our Kids Act of 2012, a federal strategy to reduce the number of child deaths attributed to abuse or neglect.


                      Self-Care for Social Workers

                      Social workers can have stressful daily roles; practitioners must develop a habitual practice of self-care techniques to avoid burn-out.


                        Social Workers Play Critical Roles During Disaster Relief

                        Natural or man-made disasters can generate PTSD and other disorders in community members and relief workers alike; social workers can aid in the healing process.


                          Green Social Work

                          When in 2010 CSWE declared sustainability to be the social justice issue of the new century, it was clear that the social work field was ready to embrace the global issue of sustainability.


                            3 Reasons to Get Your Masters of Social Work Now

                            MSW degrees provide valuable, practical experience and open the door to a number of job opportunities. See other reasons to get your MSW now on our blog.


                              How to Get the Most from a Social Work Degree Online

                              If you are interested in social work, an online degree may be ideal for you. On our blog, see how to get the most from your social work degree online.


                                What to Expect From a Career in Social Work

                                A range of job duties awaits those who graduate with an MSW online. Read about social work careers, from job duties to settings and earning outlooks on our blog.


                                  Student Spotlight: Chelsea’s Story

                                  Case Western Reserve University Online Master of Science in Social Administration Student Spotlight Discover Chelsea’s Story


                                    Student Spotlight: Daniel’s Story

                                    Case Western Reserve University online Master of Science in Social Administration Student Spotlight. Discover Daniel’s story


                                      Getting Started as a Social Worker

                                      Demand for health care and social services is growing, which suggests that social work is a great choice for compassionate people interested in helping others. Find out how to get your career as a social worker started.