5 Challenges Addressed by Social Workers

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Homelessness, violence, the health gap, climate change and ever-changing technology are all issues faced by social workers as they set out to affect change in the community. Recognizing these challenges and setting goals for facing them are important elements of the modern social worker’s job.

Addressing the Challenges

Social workers can support clients experiencing homelessness, violence, and the negative effects of the health gap. They can do so by offering a wide range of services to help clients cope, to try to solve the problem, or to offer alternatives that can assist clients in changing their lives.

How Do They Do It?

New tools and cross-disciplinary approaches have been developed to help social workers facilitate cultural and social shifts that can diminish violence. Social workers may also find themselves bridging the gap between the real health issues faced by their clients and the traditional medical approaches taken in healthcare environments. Further, social workers are equipped with the resources to help the homeless try to get back on their feet.

There are also larger issues at play – like climate change and the rapid shifts in technology that are constantly taking place – that impact the social worker’s world. Intervening in disaster relief efforts and community development are important components of the modern social workers job, as is adapting to evolving technologies that can help better connect social workers with their communities.

What This Means for Future Social Workers

As you work toward your Online Master of Science in Social Administration (MSSA, equivalent to an MSW), pay attention to these five challenges and the methods social workers can take to meet them. They will likely become a part of your work upon graduation:

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